Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed ? Then contact us.


  1. How is Zelfevaluatie Online governance-compliant?

    All core tasks of the Supervisory Boars are addressed. The questions are updated based on the recommendations of the Monitoring Committee.

  2. Can it be fast? We need the results next week.

    It can be very fast, you can start tomorrow. The progress mainly depends on the pace at which the participants provide input. After closing the survey, we will mail the reports within 2 working days.

  3. What action is expected from our side?

    After application (fill in the details on the website), you only need to inform the participants that they can expect an email from Zelfevaluatie Online. That is all: we take care of the entire process of inviting, sending reminders, creating and sending reports.

  4. Can you send an additional report to the secretary of the Board?

    Only the participants in the survey receive a report; otherwise the results are not shared with anyone. The chairman of the Supervisory Board however may decide to make the anonymous version of the report available to the secretary.

  5. How many participants can we specify per survey?

    The number of participants is unlimited; the mentioned fixed price applies per survey.

  6. What are the costs?

    You can carry out the self-assessment entirely your own way for a fixed price of € 2.495,- excl. VAT. The price is per evaluation and for an unlimited number of participants. If you involve more people in the online survey, e.g. the Board of Directors or the Board Secretary, the price per participant decreases. There is no limit to the number of participants you may involve.
    In case you prefer guidance from an independent facilitator, the price depends on your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and to receive a tailor made proposal.

  7. Can we also invite the Board of Directors to participate?

    Yes, you decide who you invite to participate in the survey. Please be aware of the fact that all participants to the survey will receive their individual report with the results of the survey (unless you contact us and tell us differently).

  8. Does everything has to be online or can I also call for advice?

    We are happy to support you: contact us via the contact page on the website or call us: 070 326 25 02

  9. Who can acces to my answers?

    No one can see ‘who answered what’; for that reason each participant receives their own individual report.

  10. How does the benchmark works?

    The results of the survey are benchmarked against more than 1500 previously completed surveys. This will give you insight in how you perform compared to other companies / organizations

  11. How is my privacy guaranteed?

    Your data are on a secure server; nobody has acces to that server except for the admin-person of Zelfevaluatie Online.